Board Users

Board users are your company’s stakeholders that you collaborate with to evaluate your backlog for prioritization. 

Accessing the list of users 

To access the list of users in your priority board, go to User-Criterion List.

List of Users in the Board

  1. Under this page, you can see the list of all the users in the priority board and the criteria each user is estimating.
  1. You can filter them according to their roles
  1. Indicated on each user is their name, email address, role, and the criteria they are estimating.
  1. Add more or remove criteria for a user.
  1. There is an option to remove a user from the group. When you remove a user, their score will also be deleted. If you add them to the board, their scores will be restored.

Adding a user to the board

  1. Under the User-Criterion page, click + User
  1. Search users from your Ducalis organization or connected task tracker by their email or username. 
  2. You look for them from the dropdown list of users. 
  1. If the user that you want to add is outside your Ducalis board or the connected task trackers, you can invite them via email. 
  2. Type their email in the search bar, assign them a role, and then send the invitation. 

Assign Criteria to a User 

You can assign users criteria to estimate from your prioritization framework. 

A user can estimate more than one criterion. We advise that you assign criteria according to the users’ expertise. This helps to increase the results of the prioritization framework. 

What’s Next?

After creating teams and adding your teammates, you can head to Criteria settings and start setting up your prioritization framework and assigning teams the criteria they will use to evaluate issues for prioritization.

Learn how to set up and customize prioritization criteria.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the chat in the bottom right corner.

Updated on April 12, 2024

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