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Voting Board Auto-digest

The Voting board auto-digest helps to keep customers who are subscribed to your Voting board well-informed about the activities going on there. The Auto-digest is automatically sent to your customers at a frequency of your choice (once, or twice a week).

When you activate a voting board, the Auto-digest is switched on by default. You can find the options to switch it on or off under Settings.

When you start to prepare your digest, first choose the date range which encompasses the ideas you want included in the digest.

Structure and Contents of the Digest

Blocks included in the Digest:

  • The title of the digest
  • An introduction 
  • Progress statuses blocks


Highlights the main topic of the email.


Usually, this block is used to state the reason a user is receiving the email.

Progress Statuses Blocks

The blocks represent the progress statuses on the voting board. Each block contains either ideas that were added to any of the statuses between the date range you chose, or all the ideas under a status at the time the Auto-digest is being sent. 

You have to the option to choose which ideas to include in each block. Either: 

  • Ideas moved to that particular status in a date range you chose above. 
  • Or, all the ideas under that status. 

Not available for the Most Upvoted block. 

You can also customize the amount of content about an idea to show. It can be:

  • Just the title.
  • A short description about the idea.
  • The full description of the idea.

These blocks can be:

  1. Rearranged 
  2. Disabled

Whilst you are preparing your digest, you can see a preview of the digest, which helps you to get a picture of how the email will look like.

Setting the Frequency, Day, and Time the Digest is Sent

You have the ability to set the frequency at which the digest is sent to your customers – the day and time it should be sent.

Like in the example below, the digest is sent to customers is sent every 2 weeks, on a Monday (it will be sent on the first Monday during these two weeks).

After a digest is sent, the following digest is generated the following day. It is generated with the status ‘Pre-scheduled’.

A digest with the ‘Pre-scheduled’ status will not be sent on the scheduled date until some activity happens on the Voting board (change in the progress status of an idea, or creation of a new public idea) within the chosen Date range.

The status is changed to ‘Scheduled’ when information is added to the email i.e., if there is any activity on the Voting board.

What’s Next?

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Updated on April 26, 2023

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