What are Release Notes?

After you release a feature, it is imperative that you publish a release note for that feature. Release notes help educate users on how the features you release work and the value those features will provide.

They also help to keep customers in the loop with what’s changing, and new features in the product.

Instead of waiting for users to visit your voting board or any part of your product where you embedded the changelog widget to see the new features you release, you now have the opportunity to send email release notes of the features you release to them. 

Inform customers about:

  • Bug fixes 
  • Improvements 
  • New features 

Release notes contain a header, introduction, ideas summary and announcements, list of public ideas, and contact information.

Typically, these notes should include material such as changes appearing in the latest version of the product, why the changes have been made, how this is going to affect the consumer, and what the consumer might need to do differently.

Accessing Release Notes 

To access the list of all your release notes, go to Release notes.

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Updated on September 26, 2023

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