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YouTrack Issue Import

How to create or change a board with issues from YouTrack

A board in Ducalis is a set of issues and their evaluation parameters.

The evaluation parameters include settings like formula, teams, criteria, and others. You set them up inside each board separately. When creating a board, you must filter the issues you need to prioritize.

There is one way to filter issues from YouTrack:

  • Create a filter in Ducalis.

Creating a Filter in Ducalis.

  1. On the dashboard, click on New Board.

  2. In your board, click on Connect a tracker.

  3. Choose YouTrack from the list of task trackers. Then click on Connect YouTrack to continue.

  4. Pick an instance you want to import issues from. If you don’t have any, click on ➕ Add new instance to integrate a new one.

  5. When you have picked an instance, click on Import from [instance].

  6. Select your filters and get a preview of issues falling under the filters you would have selected.

  7. Click Start import to proceed.

  8. Your issues are import, and you can continue setting up your board.

Edit the Filters,

  1. Go to the tracker settings by clicking on YouTrack.

  2. Then click on Edit Filter to access the filter settings.

  3. Change your filters, at the same time seeing issues that fall under the filters you will be setting.

  4. Then click Save.

Note! Teams, Criteria, Scores, and other board settings will not be changed.

Updated on April 26, 2022

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