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Integrating and Importing Issues from YouTrack

If you use YouTrack as your task tracker, you have the ability to integrate it with Ducalis and import issues for prioritization. 

In this article, we will show you how to:

  1. Integrate YouTrack with Ducalis.
  2. Import issues from YouTrack.

Integrating YouTrack With Ducalis

  1. In your board, find and click on Import Issues at the left sidebar.
  1. From the list of task trackers, choose YouTrack as your source.
  2. Then click 🔌 Connect YouTrack.
  1. Follow the instructions provided to authenticate your YouTrack account. Or more detailed instructions in this article.
  1. After authentication, choose the fields to sync with Ducalis and click Save.
  1. After your account is integrated and an instance is ready, you can proceed to Import issues.

Importing Issues

  1. Under Instance, choose the instance you want to import issues from.

You must be an admin in your YouTrack account to access an instance 

  1. If you want to add a new instance, click Add new instance.
  2. After selecting the instance, click Import from [Workspace].
  1. Apply filters to choose a set of issues you want to import from YouTrack for prioritization.
  2. When you have selected the filters, you get a preview of some issues falling under the filters that you applied.
  3. Click Start Import to finish the import.
  1. A board with Issues imported from YouTrack. They are indicated with a YouTrack icon.

Any new task you create in YouTrack which falls under the filters you applied will be automatically added to this Ducalis board in real-time.

Editing Import Filters

Editing import-filters helps to:

  • add more issues that you import from YouTrack, 
  • or remove some issues from a Ducalis board.

To edit filters:

  1. Find and click YouTrack on the top panel to access the sync settings.
  2. Click on Edit Filter.
  1. Add or remove some filters to add more issues or remove some issues, respectively.
  2. Click Save to keep your changes.

Removing the Integration

On how to delete an integration between Ducalis and YouTrack, check out this article.

What’s Next?

When you have integrated and imported your issues from YouTrack, you can go ahead and enable Two-way sync so that you can sync back your prioritization results to your YouTrack account. 

Learn more about how to enable two-way sync with YouTrack

Updated on February 22, 2023

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